How to Effectively Merge Home and Business

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March 31, 2021
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When you decide to open a home-based business, one of the first questions is whether you have enough room to effectively separate your personal life from your professional life. The answer depends on your current living arrangements and the type of business you wish to open. Many businesses are run now from home; millions have successfully merged their professional and personal spaces. For the most part, they have done so in one of three ways.


If you will be seeing clients in your home office, maintaining an aura of professionalism can be difficult. In addition to keeping children and pets at bay, there must be adequate space and comfortable seating. A professional atmosphere will inspire confidence in your clients and assure them that you are a serious business person. You may need to paint the walls, install new flooring, and update the furniture in the area. If you need to remodel this space (or any part of your home), make sure to connect with the skilled designers and remodeling professionals at ThisIsLivin.

If clients will not be visiting your home office, you have more aesthetic freedom, but it is still important that your work area be conducive to productivity. At a minimum, the area should be comfortable and free of distractions.



If your current home is too small or located in an inconvenient area, you will likely need to move in order for your home-based business to be successful. Before you can do so, your finances must be in order for both your business and your household.

As explains, your personal finances will be an integral part of your home purchase. You need to ensure that your relevant documentation is both orderly and up-to-date. Gather everything together and ensure your payments are made in a timely manner, and pay down any debts needed to improve your credit score. Establish your moving timeline and create a practical checklist for staying on track. Also ensure that you update any lending institutions, suppliers, your website, and other business and personal contacts with your new contact information.

For the sake of your business, you should also consider enlisting the assistance of a Texas-registered agent. This is a business or person that you select who can receive legal documents on your behalf. This alleviates the worry that important paperwork is lost or not properly transferred in the midst of a move, although it’s a wise long-term precaution as well.

If the home needs work before you move in, make sure you have room for this in your budget. In particular, consider the area you will be using for your workspace. What needs to be done to get it ready for business? Do some brainstorming and consider your priorities.


If you cannot find a home for sale that meets your needs, building a home is an option. It is often more expensive than purchasing an existing home, but building ensures that you get a space that meets all of your needs. For ideal results, your best bet is to partner with a highly qualified builder right off the bat.

To begin with, building allows you to select the exact location of your business. Consider surveying the traffic patterns in the area to make sure the volume meets your needs. Find out if high-speed internet is available and if the location is searchable on GPS. A real estate agent may be able to help you answer some of these questions, and can assist with your search for a great piece of land.

Additionally, you can choose the perfect floor plan to meet your particular needs and ensure there is sufficient land to construct a parking pad nearby if necessary.

Modifying your current home to accommodate your business goals poses the least risk. However, those with sufficient financial resources may consider moving to or building a home that better meets their needs.

Need to modify your home to accommodate your business? Reach out to the pros at ThisIsLivin for remodeling and real estate services that can fit your budget. Call (713) 492-5700 to learn more!

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